7 Things Sellers Can Expect From Their Open House

You’ve stashed the family jewels, power-washed the porch, and packed up your family photos. Now that the prep work is done here are a few things you can expect when people start touring your home:

1. To leave.
Let your Realtor handle the open house. You want prospective buyers to envision themselves in your home and not be distracted by your presence as they explore.

2. For curious neighbors to drop by.
At least one set of nosy neighbors is likely to show up to snoop. On the bright side, they’ll be able to talk up the neighborhood to potential buyers.

3. To stay on the grid.
Wherever you go during the open house, be sure to remain reachable by cell phone in case your Realtor has a question.

4. To find a new place to park.
Park your car at a neighbor’s during the open house to free up space for buyers.

5. People to want details “to go.”
Be sure to have a flyer or brochure with the important information about your listing for potential buyers to take with them.

6. Feedback.
Your Realtor will solicit comments from the buyers and agents who visit. This feedback can be helpful in adjusting your expectations, your listing price, or your list of improvements to complete before the next open house.

7. To be patient.
Just because you don’t have an offer by the time you go to bed the night of your open house doesn’t mean the event wasn’t a success. It often takes 24 to 48 hours for foot traffic at an open house to translate into phone calls.

Thinking of listing your home? I can help you make sure it’s ready for the scrutiny of an open house, attract people to the event and show off your home’s best features.